Gold Gaming: Los Angeles is looking to make it’s return into the world of eSports! Our goal for 2015 is to break into the highest levels of competition in whatever fields we find ourselves in with the current focus being on League of Legends and Hearthstone. As it currently stands, ggLA is looking to add a League of Legends team to it’s roster as well as a few highly rated and popular Hearthstone players. We are currently in talks with players and administrators in both games and will have more information for our fans in the coming months!

As many of you know, we put everything we had into ggLA in the hopes of reaching the LCS last year which landed us on HBO’s Real Sports as an up and coming eSports organization. Sadly, things did not work out for us what was almost exactly a year ago today. Now, with high hopes for the future, ggLA is able to make a return into the competitive world of eSports for another shot at the prize of being one of the top eSports teams in the world.

There are going to be some exciting events coming up as we move closer to the completion of the North American Expansion Tournament and the beginning of the 2015 LCS season. Make sure to keep checking in for information regarding the future of ggLA and the team as a whole.

For more updates regarding our return, make sure to follow us on Twitter @GoldGamingLA and on Facebook as we will keep both social media outlets updated with new information the moment we can release it!